You won’t find it outside of yourself.

I’ve been inspired by this recent Facebook post by Jeff Brown:

“You are the sign you have been waiting for. It’s not in the stars, nor is it at the heart of everything synchronistic. It’s not stamped on the forehead of your beloved, nor is it lingering on the tip of the guru’s tongue. It’s not in the numerology, or the astrology, or floating on the wings of your angel-guides. It’s already here. It’s you.

That you exist at all, with all the odds that were stacked against your incarnation, is evidence of your significance. So are all the gifts, callings and offerings that course through your veins. You are a signpost of miracle and wonder.

It serves the shaming powers-that-be if you look for your signs outside of yourself, but you won’t find them there. You will find them in your own bones, right at the heart of your lived experience. After you clear the blinding clutter, you will realize that it was you all along. You are the sign that leads you home.”

The only thing that provides you “safety”, “security”, or “stability”, is your connection to the Source of your understanding.

As I’ve navigated my health/symptoms this past 16 months, the things that helped me the most were the things I personally discovered for myself and implemented.

The doctors and holistic practitioners do their best, but **I** am the center-point of my mind, body, spirit, and emotions – therefore **I** am the ultimate authority for myself. I am my own managed-care provider.

As John Randolph Price says in “The Abundance Book” and its 40-Day Prosperity Plan:

“No person place or thing is the source of my supply.”

Supply means money.
Supply means decision-making.
Supply means heath.

Even well-meaning spiritual friends have told me to read books about our emotions causing dis-ease – others have told me I don’t need to be taking the supplement regimen I have chosen – one told me I should “look at why I’m attracting this into my life” – and yet others don’t understand why I don’t feel the need to heal it.

Sure, I’m facing symptoms of a genetic abnormality, but genes sometimes turn on and sometimes they don’t. For some reason, mine did. Perhaps at some point I’ll feel inspired to learn how and/or take actions to turn them off again. At this point that isn’t right for me. I feel it in my bones.

And so I trust that.
I trust my connection to the Source of my understanding.

I don’t have to try to make other people understand my choices, requests, boundaries, or decisions. I’m not responsible for their judgment of me or their disbelief at my choices.

My connection to the Source of my understanding is what got me diagnosed in 16 months instead of the 10+ years it’s taken many women with EDS.

Every. Single. Clue. has come with ease and grace.
I’ve followed each clue, which has led me to yet another one.

I feel sadness and grief when another friend, family member, or acquaintance slips away. That’s part of my path as well, feeling my feelings so the feelings can move through.

Source will continue to guide me through my sacred calling.

Perhaps I’m being led this way in order to teach others medical self-advocacy in the future.

Perhaps I’m being led this way to be a case study for traditional doctors: to show that a genetic condition can be well-managed with natural approaches and without opiods and surgeries.

Perhaps I’m being led this way in order to strengthen my connection to the Source of my understanding so I can trust people more easily – by seeing that I can trust myself.

Who knows? Right now, I don’t.
And I know I don’t have to.

I know that I’ll know when I know.
I know that I can identify when my intuition pings me to pay attention to a clue.
I know that because my intuition is my connection to the Source of my understanding.

And that’s all I need to know.

Be You.
Be True.


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