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Do you work 24/7? I do!

Like you, I was raised in an era that promoted getting a college degree so I could get a good job with a good company to position me for a good retirement. The focus was completely on work – that work “should be” the center-point of my life. After all, it IS what brought money in the door, right?

As a giver, my employers always got more than they paid for. I really liked helping people and my company, so I naturally looked for ways to be a contribution. I started out managing restaurants (can you say 80-hour work week?) and thought I had hit the mother load when I switched over to retail department store management (only 60-hour weeks and no FOOD to deal with!).

Those two careers were certainly all-consuming for me. Not only the hours but also how much work came home with me. When associates would call out or not show up, I’d often get calls to help facilitate solutions with my assistant managers.

I remember getting a call one day from my assistant manager. It was my first day off in 2-weeks around the holiday season. Our regional manager had shown up for a surprise store audit and was asking where I was. It was a pivotal moment in my life because I heard myself assuring my assistant manager that she’d do just fine with him without me. She was silent on the other end of the phone, stunned I’m sure.

There was something deep within me that bubbled to the surface in that moment: resentment. I had given so much for so long…. and the company only wanted more…. and I finally said “enough!”

Work/Life Balance wasn’t even in my vocabulary back in those days. Even when the term became more mainstream, I remember thinking “Why is it just two things: work and life? Isn’t work just a part of life as a whole?” Culturally, however, we’re led to believe that it’s work, first, and everything else second.

In my mind’s eye, I see a scale with the word WORK on one side and LIFE on the other…. except that when I think of my LIFE, it includes: hobbies, family, volunteerism, friends, spiritual community, pets, and more. How in the world do I fit all of that on the LIFE side of the scale?

If I’m operating in the world as a spiritual being having a physical experience, I know that every moment and experience is as important as the next. I’m strongly operating from my purpose in all aspects of my life. In my case, as an entrepreneur, I get to operate in work AND in life “on purpose.” It’s my JOB to show up in all situations on purpose. Purpose isn’t about DOing (aka work), it’s about BEing.

As a result, I like to say that I work 24/7.

That doesn’t mean that I’m working all of the time in the traditional sense. It means that when I’m strongly connected to purpose (my “job” as a spiritual being), everything I do is in alignment. All the interactions I’m having, whether it’s with a client or with the coffee shop barista, is contributing to me, them, and the world.

It’s my activity of consciousness that I’m compensated for, not my activity of work.
(from The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price)

You see, the hiccup that most of us come upon with this concept is that strong cultured belief that money comes from working. I totally get it if you’re scratching your head right now thinking, “Duh, Christine – of COURSE money comes from working!”

Before I go any further, let me ask you this:
When was the last time you received money without working for it?

Most of you will have come up with any one of these examples:
* I got money for my birthday/holiday
* I found money on the ground
* I won some money on a lottery ticket or a game
* I received an inheritance

In none of those examples did you WORK (traditionally) for that money. What that money DOES represent is you receiving COMPENSATION for your giving at other times in your life.

When I shift my WORK perspective from the traditional sense and into the spiritual/purpose sense, it takes the weight off of trying to find WORK/LIFE balance.

THAT’S the myth, you see: it isn’t about balancing work and life… it’s about integrating your full self and showing up that way in all circumstances. By showing up everywhere, all the time, ON PURPOSE, as a full integrated being, you don’t need to balance anything.

You honor that your experience, no matter what, is in alignment with your purpose. You know that every interaction, whether it’s in the course of work or not, is going to bring you “compensation.” It isn’t even about “trusting the universe” (or even trusting yourself).

It’s about KNOWING this is how it works.

There is a peace and calm that comes with that knowing. It takes the edge off of being out of work or having a slow client season. It’s totally dependent on adopting that new belief system that you’re “working” (aka “on purpose”) 24/7.

That being said, what makes us great as givers is also what can take us out. So, setting healthy boundaries is key-critically important. Yet even that starts with your ideal life design: you must decide how you want you life to look like.

Healthy boundaries are about PROTECTING your ideal life design (energy flow) – as opposed to keeping people at bay (stagnant/stuck energy). Once you’ve decided how you want to show up in the world, it’s easier to know what to say yes to and what to say no to – because you’ll FEEL whether or not it’s in alignment.

So, stop striving for work/life balance! It’s a myth.
Instead, shift your B.S. (belief system) to encompass your full nature, at all times, in all ways.

You’ll finally find the true freedom you seek.


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