There sure are a lot of “money” happenings in our world recently: between St. Patty’s Day on March 17, to the next round of stimulus money being sent, to new accessibility to PPP funds for small businesses.

I’ve personally been facing some old money B.S. (Belief Systems) as I’ve been in the throes of planning/designing my future home on the property I found here in Saxapahaw, NC. As exciting as it is, nothing is final until the loan approves, which won’t be until early May. There sure are a lot of zero’s on my loan estimation worksheet, wow!

In addition, many of my clients are seeing their money B.S. being activated: paying taxes, holding tightly to their EIDL/PPP funds, switching career paths, business slowing (and business overwhelm!), bill worries – all as examples.

We perceive the money we get from working as our “supply”, so any disruption (or perceived disruption) can make it feel like the plates of the earth are shifting… and we start feeling afraid, or uncertain, or unsure of ourselves or our worth… or even what to do about it. (this is me, too)

I was reminded of the book I read a couple of years ago called “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. In it, there are four primary triggers that are most often behind your “upper limit problem” so I figured I’d share it with you, in case you might find it helpful. (I did!)

With my genetic chronic illnesses – and my family of origin/ancestral money story – I can definitely see that “being a burden” and “more success means a bigger burden” is my primary trigger that stops me/my “pot-o-gold.”

I invite you to read this article, a snippet from Gay’s book, to see if you have any “aha’s” about your own money story:

Which limitation can you see as stopping YOUR pot-o-gold? Sometimes simply naming it is the first step to dissolving it.

The goal isn’t about bypassing or pushing away our money B.S. It’s about learning what our true supply is and integrating those stories so they no longer stop us.

Here’s to a free-flowing pot-o-gold!


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