I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been in a time-warp of sorts, wowzers!

I had a bit of a health hiccup about 6 weeks ago and have been attending to that, allowing lots of time for rest and surrender in between. I tell ya, having this genetic connective tissue disorder (hEDS) sure keeps me on my toes! It seems like anything new I try to feel better causes a different kind of issue. I’m taking that as a sign to surrender for now and not change anything.

That’s hard for me, because I’m a great “DOer” and I love to sleuth and discover things that could help me feel better. Yet there’s also something to be said for appreciating how far I’ve come and how well I feel now, compared to only a year ago. Y’all know I’m a word-nerd, so think about the word “appreciation.” It means both “to hold in great regard” as well as “to increase in value.”

This is one reason why you hear about the practice of using a vision board (or other things similar). It gives us a picture of things to appreciate, even though they may not be in our lives yet. In my practice of “like attracts like” (or The Law of Attraction), I’ve discovered that things like vision boards work because our appreciation resonates “as if” we already have the thing… and if “like attracts like”, then that means we attract the thing to us…. right?!

Well, my answer is actually “maybe!” Why?

Because I’ve also learned that there are two wild-cards in the effectiveness of our “law of attraction” practices:
1) The element of JOY must be a part of the resonance
2) Your desires must be in alignment with your soul’s calling*

(* soul’s calling = Purpose/Your Why)

If you’re “doing all the right things” but still not getting those things you envision for yourself:
– How joyful are you in your practice?
– How strong is your relationship with your soul’s calling?

Do you remember that movie, Monster’s Inc.? When the little girl, Boo, came into the monsters’ world, she turned it upside down in more ways than one!

Spoiler alert here: in the end, the monsters discovered that Boo’s LAUGHTER generated more energy than her SCREAMS.

Now, if THAT isn’t an example of infusing JOY in your manifestation practice, I don’t know what is!

Soooooo, BE LIKE BOO!

Now, what about your soul’s calling – or your purpose/why? When I ask, most people will say their purpose is “to help people.” Yet, your soul’s calling is SO MUCH more ALIVE than that! It’s completely personal to YOU because it’s an expression of your unique self and service.

I’ve realized that my soul’s calling is an extension of the Source of my understanding (God, Allah, Higher Power, whatever you call it). I’ve been uniquely anointed with an urgency of service that drives me every single day… and it has NOTHING to do with WORK!

Your soul’s calling is your unique way of BEing (not your DOing).
Source directs Energy.

As a result, if you have desires that aren’t aligned with what you’re here to do on the planet, they may not actualize for you.

Take a look at your own personal approaches to creating your ideal life design. We were gifted with free will, how do you want to show up in the world? Do your practices support your journey and discovery? Are you including the two wild-card elements in your practices?

I can see the days of COVID have impacted each and every one of us. Some of us are contemplating new living situations (look at the housing market, yowza!). Some of us are considering complete career changes (ask me how the Multiple Natures test might help you). Some of us aren’t taking our workplace disrespect and oppression any more and are looking for employers who will treat us better.

What are you facing? How will you decide and navigate once you’ve decided?

I’m considering pulling together a “Leap of Faith” program, class, or group. If you could use support as you face, decide, and LEAP into a new way of BEing, just reply to this email, let me know what kind of support you think you could use (i.e. FB group/class/course), and I’ll notify you once I collect the responses.

Thanks for reading and listening!

PS – If you’d rather talk about possibly working privately with me to discover your soul’s calling or navigate a Leap of Faith, instead, then just click here to book a Complimentary Discovery Meeting