It’s time to contribute to society…

I was thinking today that the difference between the US and China/Italy with COVID-19 is that they didn’t see it coming… and we do.

Yes, it’s causing us a lot of chaos “waiting” for it to hit. Yes, it’s causing a lot of disbelief. Yes, it’s causing some cavalier behavior due to the disbelief due to it not hitting the US hard… yet.

I’m optimistic that if we each do our part – for our society – that we might not be hit as hard as the other countries who weren’t expecting it.

We can social distance and still get outside into nature… and still shop safely when you need something… and take the right precautions.

Yes, there are and will be severe financial impacts over this. That’s where we come in, too: do your part – for your local community.

The way to move from Illness to WEllness
is to move from “I” to “We.”

What we‘re being asked to do is a mild inconvenience compared to the potential for you or someone you know to fall ill. The more we‘re learning about the virus, the more it’s evident it is nothing like the common flu. There are even indicators that there are now two strains… it’s mutating.

Voluntary social distancing and self-quarantine are behaviors we can easily take now – to avoid mandated lock down in the future.

For now, you can safely volunteer, you can donate, you can buy takeout, you can share posts, you can connect people to the right resources.

It’s really the only control we have right now: to respond instead of react.

As my client, Cheryl Mucha would say: “It’s time to love it forward.”

It’s not about individuals anymore, it’s about the collective. We‘re Americans, we‘re resourceful, we‘re creative, we‘re caring.


“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
– Theodore Roosevelt

My loving challenge to you:
It’s time for personal outreach, not mass emails or social media posts. Choose just one person each day – over the next 2 months (yes, I believe that’s what we’re facing, at minimum) – and reach out to check in and simply ask how they’re doing.

If you do this for just one person each day, in two months you’ll have touched 60 people’s lives. If only 100 of you take on my challenge, we will have collectively touched 6,000 people’s lives.

How’s THAT for loving it forward?

If you’re willing to commit to this challenge, just reply to this email. I’m doing something special for those who commit to this outreach effort. 🙂

Much love,