It might be impacting you, whether you realize it or not…

It’s likely we’re all experiencing what I call “low-grade anxiety” – whether we know it or not.

When I made the final decision yesterday not to travel to visit family in order to keep me and them safe, I cried. It wasn’t sadness, it was an anxiety release.

Low-grade anxiety is chronic and can accumulate over time without us even realizing it.

I have practices that help me with energy clearing, protection, and self-calming. Even those weren’t enough to keep low-grade anxiety at bay, in this instance.

Be extra aware of yourself and your stress – and find practices that can support you.

Ask for help or support if you need it. A coach, therapist, or friend is just on the other side of your phone. It’s the strongest souls that ask for help.

Just think how good you feel when you’re able to help others… you can give that gift to someone else by letting them know how they can help you.

Go easy on yourself… and understand if others don’t seem to be their typical selves, either.

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Here’s to extreme self-care,