Do you find yourself using these words during the pandemic?

  • unprecedented
  • challenging
  • uncertain
  • trying
  • scary

“What you think about, you’ll bring about… and what you believe, you’ll receive.”

Times are ALWAYS uncertain. Our country has been through times like these before.

These times are what you BELIEVE them to be.

PTSD and traumas are getting retriggered… they’re showing themselves to you so that you can shift them.

You get to feel your feelings but don’t put your tent up on them.

“The only way out, is through.”

The more you can unattach from others’ beliefs and center yourself, the more CALM you will feel in this perceived storm.

Remember that Divine Order IS Chaos.

It’s your AGILITY skills – unattachment, non-judgment, connection to source – that will bring you the “safety, security, and certainty” you seek.

Change your language to be more light, curious, and wondrous:

  • interesting
  • unusual
  • fascinating
  • ever-changing

Can you FEEL the difference?

Try it… maybe you’ll like it!


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