These techniques REALLY work!

I felt inspired to share an update from the client I featured in my last newsletter:
he just landed his DREAM job!!

Here’s what he had to say:
“I got the job! After waiting it out not to settle, I was able to land a position with a company that fits both my personal and professional passions and couldn’t be happier! You always implored me not to settle for anything less than what my vision was and to remain patient in my job search – to follow my goals and plans and not deviate from the path we set out – and it paid off tremendously!

I value your work and am very intrigued by it. And make no mistake – *you* were instrumental in this – and a driving force behind the decisions I chose to both make and not make over the last 8 months – so thank you! I refused to settle and a lot of what we discussed drove me – it was a ‘hell yes’ this time!

Putting my two weeks notice in at my soul-draining job was an incredible feeling. There’s been a full shift on my outlook / thoughts / physical movement / etc… a full-on shift since I did that. And I’m incredibly fired up about it! I love that the mindset I’m approaching this with is authentic excitement instead of just playing the part or going through the motions. That’s huge!”

Are YOU ready to…
change jobs? grow your business? find a partner? become a speaker/author?

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This client invested in only 4 sessions with me… and remained patient while The Universe worked its magic. He worked with me in January/February and landed his DREAM job in early September.

Are you ready?

“Once you make a decision, The Universe conspires to make it happen.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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