Does your work and life fit you?

Misalignment can show up in your life as procrastination, depression, stagnancy, irritability, burnout, discouragement, lack of motivation, anxiety, disengagement, lack of clarity, indecisiveness, and more.

But most of us likely won’t recognize it as misalignment.

We instead tend to take on society’s judgement of that list of descriptors – and judge ourselves.

Self-judgment = Self-punishment

When we’re (unconsciously) punishing ourselves, our self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and self-love drop off the map.

All of this judgement and punishment causes us to curl into ourselves (like those little bugs, we always called them “roly polies” lol!) and we become small, meek, and constricted.

It’s *those* feelings that intercept your ability or inclination to use your voice.

The root cause of not speaking up, owning your value, or setting a boundary isn’t really because you don’t know what to say or how to say it.

It’s because some of that B.S. (Belief System) is keeping you small… and you likely aren’t aware of it. (most of us aren’t!)

In support of you Busting the B.S., I’m SO excited to share my **NEW** “one-off” coaching sessions for Fall/Winter!!!
I wanted to offer a special session where I immerse myself in intuition on behalf of my clients. It’s an unstructured session, where you show up and talk about what’s angsting you – and I’ll tap into my mind, body, emotions, and spirit and share what I’m “getting” for you.

Mystic Muse Reading – Life, Work, Love, Spirit
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After a recent client reading, she said, “Oh, my, gosh, Christine! That was AMAZING! How do you DO that?!” My answer is that I really don’t know, it is simply a gift I’ve been given – and I LOVE doing flowy readings like that!
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And remember: The world is CHEATED without your voice in it!