You wouldn’t believe what this client told me…

When we look around, our eyes are showing us a lot of upheaval in our world right now.

The beautiful thing about having grounded spiritual practices is that it helps me see beyond that illusion.

We are still having human experiences – some might feel more challenging than others. Yet that’s exactly the point:

“Moving through life’s ups and downs IS your spiritual path.”
– Christine Clifton

The Spiritual and Personal growth industries often position the spiritual journey differently. Take a silent retreat! Read that book! Join this class!

All of that guidance is telling you to look outside of yourself.

Of course there are things to learn that you can then apply yourself. Yet that marketing lingo doesn’t talk much about becoming your own spiritual guide.

Learning to follow your own unique path by listening to your intuition, instinct, or gut is all the guidance you really need. The ‘problem’ is that you might have stopped listening – or trusting – it for some reason.

The world has never really given us “certainty” or “normalcy.”

That was just another part of the illusion. The best thing any of us can do for ourselves is to learn the Art of Agility. There are several facets: unattachment, non-resistance, acceptance, surrender, belief-system-busting, money story, and more.

At the center of the resulting (new) navigation is listening to your intuition.

Once you’ve “shored up” your connection with your sacred calling, ideal life design, and personal values – you are better able to hear your inner voice guide you.

The more you trust it and follow it, the more agile you’ll become – and the less you’ll be disrupted by the ‘upheaval’ in your world.

Out of the blue last week – when I was feeling a little blue – I received this email from a past client whom I last spoke with back in April:

“I hope all is well in your world. Just wanted to update you a little bit – I’ve had some real great momentum lately with my flipping/selling and it’s really been getting me out of my slump and pushing me into action.

A lot of what we discussed in our sessions has been resonating and I’ve found that I’m not setting myself any expectations – just reacting to and following the flow, and the universe is responding (man I’m speaking your language now what is happening to me haha!!).

I’ve been integrating woodworking into my flipping and it’s been very therapeutic as well. I’ve cleared almost $500 in the past 2 weeks just on things I’ve found at the dumpster by my apartment!

Anyways just wanted to update you on things – the momentum feels different this time. I find that lately I’ve been seeking and hunting  – as opposed to just waiting or planning or thinking or hoping – and it’s been all the difference.

Take care and stay safe.”

Are YOU ready to become your own spiritual guide?

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The client who sent me the above email invested in just 4 sessions with me – and look at the result he’s seeing: not only extra money in his pocket, but also more peace and calm in his life.

Are you ready?

“Once you make a decision, The Universe conspires to make it happen.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Don’t worry, we can take things one step/session at a time…


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