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Happy happy Holiday Season! I wanted to bring the ambiance of my fireplace here even though I’m in North Carolina and it was in the mid 60’s today. I love my fireplace. It just adds so much to my experience here.

Because this time of year is very hustle-bustle for everybody, no matter what your belief system, it is easy to get caught up in all of it. And then what happens, is on the other side of Christmas Day for most of us, things come to a screeching halt, especially for business owners. So we’re in the hustle-bustle, Christmas Day comes, and then the day after Christmas we come up for air, and we go “Oh my gosh the new year is right around the corner. What in the world am I gonna do in my business?”

And so you think you’re gonna be using that week before New Year’s Day for planning. But what really happens is you come out on the other side on December 26, and you kind of start looking around and going “Um, I don’t know, how do I start. What do I do? How do I get started? Um, what is it that I really want to do next year? What’s really important to me?” So you’re in your own head kind of spiraling around without any guidance to get you traction.

Sound familiar? That’s why I created my class called, “Ditch the plan, Embrace the flow” because I wanted to have something waiting for you on the other side of the crazy hustle bustle.

The class is gonna tell you a little bit about my experience through planning; and also show you how I do it today. Now showing and doing it are two different things. My current approach to planning is fun, flexible, and flowy, which is perfect for Soul-powered business owners. We know that the universe has lots in store for us, and we don’t even know what is around the corner, so we have to be flexible. In addition, most of us are also very visual, which is why I like sticky notes, which I’ll show you in class.

I want to help. I know how hard it is to plan when you’re creative thinking, when you have a lot of ideas, and when planning just isn’t your thing. I’m the one to help you because I’ve been there done that; and as solopreneurs, especially, we have to self-manage. So we’ve got to figure out how to do it ourselves. But guess what? You don’t have to learn how to do it on your own. I hope you’ll let me help you.

[I’ll “show” you here—>] Start by clicking here to watch my free class, “Ditch the plan, Embrace the Flow.”

[I’ll help you “do” here—>] Then click here to read more about my “Wealth Harvest” planning system.

I know you’re busy and hustling and bustling, but I also know when you come up for air; you’re gonna go “Whoo, what just happened?” And you’re gonna get spit out on the other side of the holiday, and go, “Holy cow! I don’t know how I’m gonna do all this all by myself,” and guess what? You don’t have to, I’m here! I’m gonna help you.

My “Wealth Harvest” planning system is like listening to me deliver a live instructional class, having the planning worksheets printed out right in front of you, and me walking you through exactly how to complete them. When you’re done, you’ll have a flexible, fun, and flowy plan for you and your business.

Don’t you deserve ease when it comes to planning? I think so – and I hope you’ll give yourself that gift!