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I want to talk to you today about the importance of cross training for your business… actually it can be for your life as well… and I mean figurative cross training not literal cross training, lol! When you think about cross training, what do you think about? It’s usually doing a bunch of different things in order to challenge and use different parts of the body. I look at it like functional fitness. So how can we use this concept for our business or our life as well? There was a theme that happened in my client sessions this week with both my entrepreneurs and my professionals. They were talking about how they would set a goal and meet it, and then they’d look for the next goal, and then set a goal and meet it, and look for the next goal and so on and so on. I call that interval training.

Interval training is going through peaks and valleys in order to challenge the body in a different way. So in your life or your business, the little projects or little goals or milestones that we set and then meet and set and then meet and set and then meet, is a bit of interval training. Now any personal trainer will tell you that if all you’re doing is interval training, that’s not really the best thing for your body. You need some sustained cardio as well. I look at that as a marathon you might say. So what is your marathon? What fuels you on a consistent basis? These little projects that you pick up are aligned with you, but also exhaust you because all you’re doing is peaking and valleying. In my book it’s called your “Why” or your “Purpose” or your “Calling” – whatever word or concept you like to use. Most of you know that I enjoy following Simon Sinek. He wrote a book called “Start with Why”, I also call it “Calling/Purpose”.
We are already in purpose; we are already moving in our calling. Some of you might be more conscious of it than others. This is a marathon tool that you can use to help even out those peaks and valleys by fueling you the whole way. When you really think about “what I do every day; what’s motivating me to get up and out of bed,” that’s the fuel that is pushing you from behind and drawing you through life as a whole. These intervals or these projects that you pick up are in alignment with your calling/belief/purpose (or as Simon Sinek says, your “Why”).
This is how you can look at cross training in your life, your business, your career, or your job search. You’re always going to have these little projects or things that really catch your attention. When you meet them, they’re going to be over, and you’re going to be looking for the next thing to do. That can be utterly exhausting if that’s the only training you’re doing in your life, business, or work. In addition, I want you to keep in your mind’s eye, in your purview, the fact that you’ve got this overarching vision for your own self, and your own life, and your own business, and your own career. This “Why” this “Calling” that is drawing you into the world and causing you to show up every day with your amazing self, and do these projects that are the interval training.
When you don’t keep sight of this (marathon), that’s the reason that you’re picking up all these (interval) projects which is really exhausting. Do your best to reconnect with your purpose/calling/belief/why and keep that present with yourself. I use it each and every day for decision-making so I know what I’m choosing, in terms of these projects, is in alignment with why I’m here and what I’m here to do.