A little bit of JOY…

Christine Clifton teaches Mindful Professionals, Leaders, and Service Entrepreneurs to Find their Voice & Own their Value in Confident Conversations that get Results. The world is CHEATED without your voice in it!

Whether you work for a company or own one, your ability to express yourself and your worth is a critical tool for your success in networking, self-advocacy, interviews, leadership, personal relationships, sales, or professional development. Without it, you may be missing opportunities or leaving money on the table.

Many people have unconscious B.S. (belief systems) that literally and figuratively intercept their ability to speak in the moment. Christine is a gifted energy-tracker who is intuitively guided to the B.S. and helps them shift it.

This process strengthens self-esteem and self-worth so they can express themselves with confidence. In addition, she puts a little “woo” behind the “how to”, which amplifies the comfort and results of her “highly-relational” conversation approaches.

She is the author of three books: “Get Ready. Get Set. Flow…”“You don’t have to shout to Stand Out”, and “Your Spirit at Work”.

Christine dealt with multiple mysterious chronic illnesses over the course of her adulthood. In February 2020, at the age of 53, she was finally diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – a genetic connective tissue disorder. It’s a dynamic and “invisible” disability, which impacts her on a daily basis by causing pain and joint/organ dysfunction.

Her diverse business background includes both a corporate management career and entrepreneurship. She holds an MBA in Marketing, a BA in Business Administration, and is also a graduate of Coach U. She’s a Certified Multiple Natures facilitator, a Certified Reiki master, Certified Nia White Belt, and a Certified Access Bars Practitioner.

She can be found playing with her two cats, Mr. Big and Little Mister; tooling around Saxapahaw, NC, in JOY, her spice orange, MINI Cooper convertible with heated seats (ask her to tell the story!); eating at the area farm-to-table restaurants; and listening to local musicians play.

As an interactive speaker and teacher, she engages audiences and clients with her stories, lessons, and wit. Christine is available for seminars, webinars, retreats, and speaking engagements. You can learn from Christine through her free trainings at www.ChristineClifton.com/free.

What Christine’s Clients say…