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A little bit about me

Christine Clifton is a Connectrix. She believes that fostering the power of connection – to Source, Self, and Service – is what facilitates life’s flow.

She’s faced multiple mysterious chronic illnesses, left a successful 6-figure corporate career, and embarked upon entrepreneurship… all in ways that leave most people scratching their heads.

What Christine came to realize was that her illnesses gave her a unique super-power: to connect within herself and make choices that served her, even though they didn’t always make “sense” (to herself or others!).

Her symptoms stumped her teams of holistic and traditional medical practitioners. It was her own soul-powered sluething – and The Universe dropping clues along the way – that enabled her to discover, after 22 years, that she had two rarely-diagnosed genetic illnesses. (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Hereditary Hemochromatosis, later confirmed by a geneticist.)

Along the way, she learned that her sacred wounds birthed her sacred calling: she turned her intuitive connection methods into a practice framework that she now teaches soul-powered people – so they can stay in the flow of their sacred calling as well.

She’s the author of three books: “Get Ready. Get Set. Flow…”, “You don’t have to shout to Stand Out”, and “Your Spirit at Work”.

Christine’s unique work experience includes a 20-year management career and 13 years of entrepreneurship (so far!). She holds an MBA in Marketing, a BA in Business Administration, and is also a graduate of Coach U. She’s a Certified Multiple Natures facilitator, a Certified Reiki master, and a Certified Access Bars Practitioner. Christine is an energy tracker, which helps her clients better navigate using their intuition.

As an inspirational speaker, her fresh, interactive approach engages audiences with her stories, lessons, and wit. She can be found tooling around Saxaphaw, NC, in JOY, her spice orange, MINI Cooper convertible; eating at the area farm-to-table restaurants; and listening to local musicians play.

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