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Do you believe in yourself?

You want to change jobs because you aren’t being paid enough.
You want to rebrand because business isn’t good.

News Flash: those won’t help you.


There’s a saying “wherever you go, there you are.”

It’s your inner BEing that needs shifted, not your outer DOing.

How well can you self-advocate at work?
Do you know how to negotiate?
Can you position yourself and your accomplishments strongly to your boss?

How well can you promote your business?
Do you know how to position your product/service value?
Are you marketing to the right ideal client/audience?

Until you are confident about your value AND able to position and articulate it, you’ll always be undervalued.

This is the inner work that is critical for you, otherwise you’ll just keep repeating the patterns.
It’s not just about mindset… it’s about BELIEF SYSTEMS.

Do you believe in yourself?
Are there beliefs about money or “bragging” getting in your way?
Do you know what’s important to others about you/your work?
Are you clear about your sweet spot of skills or services?

Soul-powered people of service are a humble bunch.
They’re driven by a force inside of them to contribute to the greater good.
They’re fiercely loyal and passionate about their call to service.

But the confidence that you seek isn’t the root cause of not being able to voice your value.
It’s actually the (lack of) clarity of who you BE that’s missing.

“The eye can’t see itself.”

Because we’re a humble bunch, we don’t spend time comparing ourselves to others.
We spend more time promoting others than we do helping ourselves.
And, most of all, we just don’t see our secret super powers the way that others can.

Once you have clarity, you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and that fuels the confidence that you need to voice your value.

What B.S. (belief system) is holding you back?


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