Are you ready to shift your game in 2019?

As the beginning of the year arrives, it’s natural to want to change things up in your life or business. Whether you subscribe to resolutions, set goals/intentions, or create a vision board or business/marketing plan, it’s critical to know exactly what tool will actually support your needs.

Here’s a quick comparison that I liked when I heard it:

If you want to fly to Aruba…

  • consultant will tell you the best route to take.
  • A flying instructor will teach you how to do it.
  • mentor will tell you how they did it.
  • coach will ask you why you want to go to Aruba. :0)

Here’s a recent client interaction of mine that will showcase those approaches:

One of my clients is a solo-owner of a professional services firm. Together, we developed two job postings that relayed the firm vision and outlined the key skills/characteristics of the position. (consulting)

After a few weeks of mis-aligned candidates applying, I could tell there was something weighing on her, energetically. When I asked her about it, she said she didn’t know what was wrong. I could tell the excitement about adding to staff had ebbed for her and it’s important that we follow HER intuition for her business.

It’s isn’t the best idea to make a decision if it’s based in a limiting belief instead of her intuition, so I started with some gentle questions about how she was feeling about things: her business growing, her ideal life design, and the new positions. (coaching)

She wasn’t able to identify why she was feeling energetically flat, so I asked a question of my inner voice and I immediately received an idea of what was at play for her. (x-ray vision)

I said to her, “Oh! I know what’s happening… You’ve decided that you can’t be successful without this additional position/person.” She immediately felt an energetic release, which was confirmation she was holding on to this unserving B.S. (belief system).

I then coached her around her perceived “success” – she had FAR exceeded her revenue goals in 2018, so she was already successful – AND how attachment to anything outside of her would impede her success. We then did some clearing mantras and her energetic lightness returned.

Only THEN did we begin discussing the position postings and made a few decisions to change the wording and title a bit. Within only a few hours, she received an application that was a great fit! We worked together to create screening interview questions and in-person interview processes. (consulting and mentoring, because I spent over 11 years in corporate HR).

We both interviewed the person (training), made an offer, and the candidate has accepted – all within the span of only two weeks!

All the planning, goal-setting, and action items in the world won’t work well until the inner road blocks are removed.

This is the grace of my work with my soul-powered clients because we can dig into the inner work, first, and then can choose the best aligned action – using their intuition.

In the business world today, consulting, training, and coaching become blended and people’s understanding of the difference isn’t clear. Many coaches choose “niches” and therefore become known as “experts” in a particular area which then blurs into the definition of training and consulting.

Here are my definitions, which helps define each one:

  • consultant is going to look at what you’re doing, look at where you want to go, and advise you on the best way for you to get there.
  • class/course/trainer is going to teach you a new skill and give you practice time to develop that skill.
  • mentor is going to talk through what you’re facing and will share their experiences with that thing.
  • Mastermind groups are similar to mentors. It’s a group of peers, usually other business owners, who hear the challenges you’re facing and make suggestions based on their experiences.
  • coach is going to hear what your challenges are and ask great questions to prompt you to look within and decide what you want to do about them.
  • Group coaching is hosted by a coach and is often offered as an affordable alternative to private coaching. It is often targeted to a particular topical focus or audience.

The fun part about my work with clients is that I blend all of these tools – and more – when I work with them. The additional element I add is my gift of X-ray vision: I can see themes of brilliance and behaviors that the individual doesn’t…. I can see the B.S. (belief systems) holding them back…. and I can help them clear them.

How you do anything is how you do everything. If you’ve had a trauma or cellular memory that’s hiccuping your behaviors, it’s inevitably going to infect your life, relationships, work or business.

By holding up the mirror to my clients, they are able to choose to shift their perspectives, B.S., or mindset that is holding them back. Without this tool, they would have continued to try other things and likely continue not reaching the growth or goals they wanted.

Some of my clients say it feels a bit like therapy. Though I’m not a therapist, my approach is very therapeutic: it provides inner healing and strengthens their foundation for sustainable growth. They’re changing their iOS (internal Operating System) so they choose the right aligned, inspired actions.

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Happy New Year!


Christine Clifton is the author of “You don’t have to shout to Stand Out” and teaches soul-powered entrepreneurs how to keep their inner fire burning so they don’t burn out. By building a fun, co-creative relationship with their business, they better align their practical DOING with their natural BEING and gain focus and energy. They have fun with their work again, feel better than they have in a long time, and see more of the right leads and opportunities come their way….. and they Thrive!