As National Adoption Awareness Month comes to a close, I’d like y’all to meet my son – my (birth)son, Nick Brown! You read that right: I’m a birthmother. <3

I happily reunited with him when he courageously reached out to me on August 30th this year, after 33 years apart. With his great sense of humor, Nick said, “Yep, I surprised you TWICE, lol!”

In the Universe’s signature “you can’t make this stuff up” style, Nick lives only 45 minutes from me! Thank you, Universe, more please! 😊

He’s been the wise one between us as we navigate our reunion. As we’ve gotten to know each other over the past 3 months, he has reminded me what JOY feels like. <3

We seem to be two peas in a pod – SO much alike and we hit it off right away! It feels so comfortable, like we’re just picking up where we left off. I call him “sonshine” and he calls me “mama.” 😊 Hearing that word warms my heart and makes me smile.

“Coming out” as a birthmother today carries a little anxiety with it – because I am still working on releasing my people-pleasing tendency to care what other people think of me.

Several things have given me the courage and impetus to share this with you today:
• my deep desire to live more authentically each and every day
• wanting everyone to know what an amazing being Nick is
• being proud of the role I played in bringing Nick into the world

I’ve kept my birth-motherhood very private, sharing it only with a select few. A lot has changed in the landscape of adoption since 1990, but the negative stigma of being a birthmother largely remains. That *must* change, but that’s a topic for another day.

As I shared the news of Nick finding me, I received immediate celebratory responses from each person. After every single conversation, I reveled in the feeling of being supported by a community that knows me really well and deeply cares about me. Not all birthmothers can say that. I am truly blessed.

Relaying those conversations to Nick only added to our joy. As we continue to navigate our reunion, and begin to arrange introductions to our families, I am constantly in awe as our path unfolds before us. We’re in this… together. <3

As for me sharing the full backstory, well, that will come another time. The incredible twists and turns in it are great makings for a movie script. I know I’ll be writing about it. When I told Nick that, he said, “Hey, what if I write about it with you, from my perspective?” My heart jumped with excitement at the prospect of that… stay tuned!

My Facebook friends have been wildly supportive since my announcement, you can check out that post here.

inJOY these photographs of my and Nick’s “first meet” which happened on August 31st, one day after he contacted me: