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Are you doing things in your life that feed you?

The two foundational principles of “Thriving” in my work with soul-powered entrepreneurs and professionals are Ideal Life Design and Calling. The former is our choice, how we want to create our life… the latter is our imprint, the service that we’re called to do on this planet.

The people I work with are all very creative – sometimes in their skill, sometimes in their thinking…. and yes, sometimes they’re artists, dancers, musicians, poets – a traditional definition of creative.

The reason I begin with those two principles is that we tend to put an undue burden on our business or work to sustain us. Just like expecting a significant other to fulfill all of our social needs (burdening them with being responsible for us) we will be forever disappointed and unsatisfied if we expect our business/work to be our only source of sustenance.

It seems counter-intuitive to focus on LIFE when you’re trying your best to make the money you need. But it’s a lesson, once learned, that will completely transform and liberate your relationship with “work” (and money!). When you finally claim your work as JUST ONE FACET OF LIFE, everything changes…. for the better.

My client, Mike Doyle, is a prime example of an entrepreneur who has made that transformation. When we met to reconnect in Raleigh back in January, he was in a tug of war with his business: it was yanking on him and he was yanking back. It was kinda working… but not working seamlessly or joyfully.

As we started our work together, I helped him relinquish his hold on that rope around his business. I was able to show him the clues elsewhere in his life where the Universe was showing him he was in alignment with his Ideal Life Design and Calling… areas that he discounted because they weren’t revenue-producing or “work”.

Yet, the more he was able to release his grip on his business, and play in the other areas of his life, he began to see that truth: his business/income wasn’t suffering one bit from his ‘lack of focus’ or doing something fun or *not* doing ‘business development’ work.

You see, we’re cultured to believe that we have to “work hard” and “hustle” and eat/sleep entrepreneurship… yet that isn’t an approach that works for everybody.

For the truly creatives – the ones that have a myriad of talents, all of which the world needs – this other approach works. It works really well because once you’re in inspired action, the Universe places aligned opportunities in your path that you didn’t even know existed.

You’re finally “given permission” to have more than one interest – you no longer judge yourself because you’re ‘bouncing all over the place’ – you get to feel true freedom by acting from inspired action and not what others say you ought to do.

In Mike’s case this year, in addition to creating animated videos with his company Drive 80, he’s:

* Published his cartoon in his newly published book – click here to check it out!

* Produced and performed in a reunion concert with his punk band

* Designed T-shirts for the reunion concert

* Designed and produced an anniversary vinyl record of his band’s music

* Bought the Jeep he’s always wanted

…. continuing to create his Ideal Life Design and act in alignment with his Calling

None of these brought a dime of direct revenue into his business… but ALL of them significantly contributed to Mike, the human BEING, and the people he touched.

They fed his soul.

As a soul-powered being, YOU ARE A CREATOR. You may not be a dancer, artist, musician, or poet – and maybe you are – you are CREATIVE. You possess the power to create the life you want to live… one that happens to include a facet called work.

When you take the burden off of your business (or job/career/work), you become FREE to BE the full expression of your amazing self.

Are you ready? Ready to feed YOU?

Christine Clifton is the author of “You don’t have to shout to Stand Out” and teaches soul-powered entrepreneurs how to keep their inner fire burning so they don’t burn out. By building a fun, co-creative relationship with their business, they better align their practical DOING with their natural BEING and gain focus and energy. They have fun with their work again, feel better than they have in a long time, and see more of the right leads and opportunities come their way….. and they Thrive! Click here to book a free chat with Christine.