I guide Soul-Powered Professionals and Solo-Entrepreneurs to choose DOing that is aligned with their BEing. They leave burnout behind and live a life of Flow and Fulfillment.

Solo-Entrepreneurs fall in love with their businesses again. They learn to (re)create it so their business fits them, and their preferred lifestyle, better.

Company Professionals rediscover their energy and enthusiasm. They bring more of their true selves to work and choose work/places that light them up.

Progressive Organizations grow their teams’ engagement and motivation. They learn mindfulness approaches that foster meaningful human connection.

People with Chronic Illness find hope and encouragement. They fine-tune their intuition to use as a decision-making tool in their odyssey to feeling better.

All are welcome.

“When we’re free to love anyone we choose,
When this world’s big enough for all different views,
When we all can worship from our own kind of pew,
Then we shall be free.”
– Garth Brooks

 Stagnant. Stuck in a rut. Stumped. 

You’re already accomplished, but still feel like something’s missing.

Maybe you leave work feeling burdened and unfulfilled.

Perhaps you’ve lost your enthusiasm towards your business.

Yet you keep trying things, anything,

but nothing seems to satisfy that void.

(even the Law of Attraction seems to be against you, amiright?)

Actually a Good Sign

These symptoms are actually a good sign: you’re at the point in your personal/spiritual growth that’s demanding your attention to your inner BEing (not your outer DOing).

Activity of Consciousness

“An individual isn’t compensated on their activity of work but on their activity of consciousness.”

– John Randolph Price

Pause, and Be More YOU

What you’re judging as indecision, or stuckness, or stagnancy, is actually your soul calling you to pause… and step fully into your true nature.

“Keep your inner fire burning so you don’t burn out.”

– Christine Clifton

You’re an entrepreneur who wants to increase your reach and help more people.

You’re a professional who wants to change careers to more meaningful work.

You value relationships and want to strengthen the important ones in your life.

You have a chronic illness and want help advocating and sleuthing to feel better.

So why don’t soul-powered people like you get what you want?

You’re allowing others’ needs to be more important (aka valuable) than your own.

Sound familiar?

“Your work isn’t your soul’s calling, your LIFE is.”

– Christine Clifton

Align your DOing with your BEing


InnerView - The BEing

We start with an honest, in depth conversation about who you are today, what your past accomplishments have been, what's working now and what's now, what your future desires are, and the unique inner workings of what makes you tick. These deep truths are what reveal the true nature of your BEing and feel light and free!


OuterWork - The DOing

Once we've conducted the inward sleuthing and data collection, it's time for us to co-construct the outer work so that it is in alignment with you. For career changers/seekers, that might look like identifying new specialties, industries, or careers that are of more interest to you. For entrepreneurs, it might be time to revamp your organizational chart, business model, or business development approach. Aligned DOing is energizing and FUN!

Align Your Vibe

Align Your Vibe

This foundational process is the basis for real insight and change. It includes an investment of time to deeply envision your Ideal Life Design. You'll experience a Soul's Calling interview where you'll gain a greater understanding of your 'big why' or 'purpose.' You will reflect upon the decisions you make and on what values you make them. These three factors are what fuel a strong connection to your intuition, gut, or instinct.

Amplify Your Voice

Amplify Your Voice

Once your foundation is established, you are more focused, clear, and confident about who you are and what you want. It's now time to begin setting healthy boundaries in different settings so that you can begin to align your outer DOing with your inner BEing. In order to do this successfully, in the most constructive way, you will learn about interpersonal styles and conversational approaches... and practice them!

Activate Your Value

Activate Your Value

With these new beliefs and practices, your life and work begin to shift. You're no longer unhealthily attached to work. You realize that your BEing is the great contribution you have to bring to the world. In order to reinforce these new beliefs, new money practices are key. You will shift the unserving money B.S. by learning the spirit of money and how to move it in order to stimulate more.

Vibe. Voice. Value.

Once you’ve aligned your vibe, you’re focused, clear, and confident about who you are and what you want. You can constructively use and amplify your voice. You now activate your full value because you know the greater reason why you’re drawn to do what you do.

Working with Christine as my coach was an incredible experience. As a coach myself, I am in awe of how she helped to guide me into the next phase of my career in all that is possible coming out of a few life transitions. I really respect the way that she approaches each conversation and intuitively creates a space for more clarity and understanding. If you are even thinking about hiring her, run….don’t walk. I promise you won’t regret it! 

Bryan Kramer, Founder of #H2H, Author

Honestly – I would highly recommend Christine to anyone for anything! She is incredibly genuine, authentic, and transparent in her work. Her passion and compassion for her work and for her clients is apparent right away, and she’s a master of understanding the human condition within the professional world. I’ve gained tremendous perspective and understanding with my career path due to Christine’s programs and guidance. I would highly recommend looking into Christine’s approach and seeking her advice and assistance on your professional journey. 

Preston Smith, Operations Manager

Need a giant glass of “Get the hell out of your own way”? Hire Christine Clifton to get you there. I did and she’s the cat’s pajamas.

Mike Doyle, Motion Graphics Designer

Christine was able to pull my company’s tag line out of my soul. “Healthy People Thriving Communities” is completely what the business is about and provides the baseline for how we operate. She helped me set up the energetic baseline for my company – and it was through her unique approach to working with people (me) at the soul level that I was able to find the purpose of the business.

Maryellen Ammons, Health Center Owner

I simply cannot say enough great things about Christine and the work that she does. I learned so much about myself in the few months that we worked together. I can honestly say that when I came to her I was in a rut with life and didn’t really feel like I knew my purpose- was stuck in the same place doing the same things. So yes, a RUT. I realize that some clients go to her with specific life or business goals, but I didn’t have any specific goals, only that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and was open to seeing what could come of working together. There were some fears of the unknown going into my work with Christine because I had never worked with a coach before, but it was truly life changing. She creates such a safe space and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I can honestly say it’s the best way to invest in yourself. Life’s too short not to!  

Jennifer Rehm, Healthcare Director

There’s no better word to associate with Christine than magic. Ok, transformational is a great pick too. I’m not even totally sure how, but all of a sudden, my sessions with Christine (ie. a highlight of my week) astonishingly transformed me from feeling stuck, lost, confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and depressed to feeling fulfilled, proud, grounded, relaxed and happy. Not to mention feeling elated that I somehow, within 4 months, had achieved multiple lifelong goals. She claims that me realizing these dreams happened because I shifted to being in alignment with my ideal self and life (which she helped me confidently and shamelessly flush out) and I claim that she’s magic. Either way, working with Christine was one of the best biz decisions I’ve made to date, and I feel it’s a gift for my soul and success having Christine on speed dial.

Talia Pollock, Author, Comedic Speaker

Clear. Confident. Committed.


Are you ready to get started?

It's YOUR turn now.

An investment in yourself shows the universe you own your full value. You’re no longer willing to neglect what you’re feeling called to do.

I’ll guide you the whole way, shift the un-serving B.S. (belief systems), and show you the brilliance of your true nature. Then we can co-construct the work that’s aligned with you.

Fulfillment, freedom, and flow are possible.

I’ve got your back!

Ready for a fresh speaking style for your next event?

My talks are light, fun, interactive, and thought provoking. After you choose a topic focus, I bring the framework for the talk and engage the audience along the way – for greater enjoyment and retention.

“Get Ready. Get Set. Flow…”

“Ignite Your Inner Leader!”

“You don’t have to shout to Stand Out”

“Keep Your Inner Fire Burning So You Don’t Burn Out”

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