I teach Mindful Professionals, Leaders, & Service Entrepreneurs to Find their Voice & Own their Value in Confident Conversations that get Results. The world is CHEATED without your voice in it!

Service Entrepreneurs expand the reach of their work. Using their true nature to engage with others, they feel confident when networking, holding 1:1’s, selling, and public speaking. They onboard aligned clients with ease.

Company Professionals and Leaders make a bigger difference. They feel comfortable talking about their achievements appropriately at work and in interviews. Career change and growth opportunites abound.

Progressive Teams, Companies, and Organizations strengthen engagement. Leaders and team members feel safe conveying themselves to each other, which fosters meaningful cohesiveness.

Mindful people understand the value of their desires and worth. They feel empowered with new skills to express themselves to others. Self-advocacy happens naturally at work, in a doctor’s office, or within relationships.

All are welcome.

“When we’re free to love anyone we choose,
When this world’s big enough for all different views,
When we all can worship from our own kind of pew,
Then we shall be free.”
– Garth Brooks

Are you uncomfortable with self-promotion?

Do you freeze or ramble when trying to express yourself?

Could your fear of coming across braggy, salesy, or icky be hindering you?

* You want to feel confident networking and selling your entrepreneurial services.

* You’re ready to up level your career but unsure how to appropriately self-promote.

* Your team, company, or organization needs to strengthen their cohesiveness.

* You’d like to self-advocate better at work, a doctor’s office, or in relationships.

So why can’t mindful people like us seem to do these things well?

* Our unconscious B.S. (Belief System) gets in the way.

* We’re humble folks and don’t like to sing our own praises.

* Our fear of offending others makes us hold our tongue.

* We don’t have an approach that feels right and works well.

* Our nervousness makes us unable to find the right words to say.

* We’re so busy serving others, we haven’t thought about what we want.

Align Your Vibe

Align Your Vibe

This foundational process is the basis for real insight and change. It includes an investment of time to deeply envision your Ideal Life Design. You'll experience an interview where you'll gain a greater understanding of your 'calling', 'big why' or 'purpose.' You will reflect upon the decisions you make and on what values you make them. These three factors are what fuel a strong connection to your intuition, gut, or instinct. In addition, you'll begin to shift your beliefs about work and money. You'll learn practices that clear unserving B.S. and expand what's possible for yourself.

Amplify Your Voice

Amplify Your Voice

Once your foundation is established, you are more focused, clear, and confident about who you are and what you want. It's now time to "call in" the work/life you desire using the power of your voice. You'll set healthy boundaries in different work/life situations so that you can begin to align your outer DOing with your inner BEing. You'll be networking and making valuable connections for your career or practice. To do this successfully, in the most constructive way, you will learn about interpersonal styles and conversational approaches... and practice them!

Activate Your Value

Activate Your Value

With these new beliefs and practices, things begin to shift. You're no longer unhealthily attached to work. You strengthen aligned relationships while releasing others. You realize that your BEing is the great contribution you have to bring to the world. Your income/revenue flow becomes more sustainable. In order to fully integrate these new beliefs, new money practices are key. You will shift the parts of your money story that are getting in your way and replace them with healthy money perspectives and practices that will support you to stimulate more.

Coaching Packs

Accessible ~ Focused ~ Flexible

  • "CoCreative Coaching Sessions" (3- or 6-Pack) are a fit if you like a full phone/video coaching hour that can be either pre-scheduled - or scheduled as needed.
  • "On the Fly Coaching Calls" (3- or 6-Pack) are a fit if you like shorter 30-min. phone-based coaching that can be used "just in time" when the need arises or inspiration hits.

Check out my "Shop" page for unique sessions! Ready to learn more about me, my coaching style, or my offerings? Click here to Book a no-cost Info Chat.

Coaching Programs

Immersive ~ Engaged ~ Steady

  • "Immersion Program" (2-month or 4-month) is a fit when you need focus on a personal or professional initiative and would like open access to me in between sessions.
  • "Soul's Calling Discovery" (45 days) is a fit if you've felt frustrated not knowing your "Why" or "Purpose" and are ready for clarity. Includes open access to me in between sessions

Check out my "Shop" page for unique sessions! Ready to learn more about me, my style, or my offerings? Click here to Book a no-cost Info Chat.

Client Love! 

Working with Christine as my coach was an incredible experience. As a coach myself, I am in awe of how she helped to guide me into the next phase of my career in all that is possible coming out of a few life transitions. I really respect the way that she approaches each conversation and intuitively creates a space for more clarity and understanding. If you are even thinking about hiring her, run….don’t walk. I promise you won’t regret it!

Bryan Kramer, Founder of #H2H, Author

Honestly – I would highly recommend Christine to anyone for anything! She is incredibly genuine, authentic, and transparent in her work. Her passion and compassion for her work and for her clients is apparent right away, and she’s a master of understanding the human condition within the professional world. I’ve gained tremendous perspective and understanding with my career path due to Christine’s programs and guidance. I would highly recommend looking into Christine’s approach and seeking her advice and assistance on your professional journey. 

Preston Smith, Operations Manager

Need a giant glass of “Get the hell out of your own way”? Hire Christine Clifton to get you there. I did and she’s the cat’s pajamas.

Mike Doyle, Motion Graphics Designer

Christine was able to pull my company’s tag line out of my soul. “Healthy People Thriving Communities” is completely what the business is about and provides the baseline for how we operate. She helped me set up the energetic baseline for my company – and it was through her unique approach to working with people (me) at the soul level that I was able to find the purpose of the business.

Maryellen Ammons, Health Center Owner

I simply cannot say enough great things about Christine and the work that she does. I learned so much about myself in the few months that we worked together. I can honestly say that when I came to her I was in a rut with life and didn’t really feel like I knew my purpose- was stuck in the same place doing the same things. So yes, a RUT. I realize that some clients go to her with specific life or business goals, but I didn’t have any specific goals, only that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and was open to seeing what could come of working together. There were some fears of the unknown going into my work with Christine because I had never worked with a coach before, but it was truly life changing. She creates such a safe space and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I can honestly say it’s the best way to invest in yourself. Life’s too short not to!  

Jennifer Rehm, Healthcare Director

There’s no better word to associate with Christine than magic. Ok, transformational is a great pick too. I’m not even totally sure how, but all of a sudden, my sessions with Christine (ie. a highlight of my week) astonishingly transformed me from feeling stuck, lost, confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and depressed to feeling fulfilled, proud, grounded, relaxed and happy. Not to mention feeling elated that I somehow, within 4 months, had achieved multiple lifelong goals. She claims that me realizing these dreams happened because I shifted to being in alignment with my ideal self and life (which she helped me confidently and shamelessly flush out) and I claim that she’s magic. Either way, working with Christine was one of the best biz decisions I’ve made to date, and I feel it’s a gift for my soul and success having Christine on speed dial.

Talia Pollock, Author, Comedic Speaker

The world is CHEATED

without your voice in it!

Are you ready to get started?

Confident Conversations.

Whether you work for a company or own one, your ability to express yourself and your worth is a critical tool for your success in networking, self-advocacy, interviews, leadership, personal relationships, sales, or professional development. Without it, you may be missing opportunities or leaving money on the table.

Together we’ll stop those voices in your head and build your self-confidence. You’ll learn conversation approaches that fit you. You’ll know exactly what to do and say – as well as how to say it and navigate the exchange. You’ll finally get the results you deserve.

Plus, I’ll be there to guide you as you use your new skills “in the wild.” I’ve got your back!

Ready for a fresh speaking style for your next event?

My talks are light, fun, interactive, and thought provoking. After you choose a topic focus, I bring the framework for the talk and engage the audience along the way – for greater enjoyment and retention.

“Confident Conversations: Say what you need to Say”

“Authentic Networking that’s Easy, Fruitful, and Fun”

“Relational Business Development: Connect & Convert”

“Powerful Audible Branding that Gets Results”

”Activate Your Value: Shift Limiting Money Beliefs”

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